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It’s a part of the general start-your-own-business narrative that once the money comes rolling in, you go rolling out and into your own working space. No more working out of mum’s garage or a mate’s living room – success is defined by having your own private lil’ workspace for you to concentrate on what you do best. But just like so many other boring old traditional narratives, this is one that’s being disrupted in recent times.

Do you need your own private working space to be considered truly successful? Does success come from solitude? Or from honing your craft independently of others’ input? We think not, and heaps of people agree.

In the days of Uber, Airbnb, and the wonderful sharing economy, we’re realising more and more how much sweeter life can be when people are brought together. Plus if you’re bringing together people who share common goals, ideas, and interests, then the results can be truly life-changing.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, artist, hairdresser, masseuse, photographer, therapist or baker, there’s a shared workspace out there for you. We’ve found that there are 5 benefits that’ll have you feeling liberated, empowered and in control of your life and work.  

What are those benefits, you ask?

You’ll be more productive

Other people are watching. They’re working hard, too. If you’re prone to bouts of procrastination and eating ten Tim Tams a day at your desk, then working out of a shared space might be the exact motivation you need to kick those time-wasting habits and be more productive.


Fewer distractions mean more attentiveness, and if nobody else in your shared working space is down for a chat, then that means you’ve only got one option: to work. We reckon it’s a lot like mob psychology. When you enter a warehouse full of hard-working florists and sculptors, creating beautiful pieces of work, you’re going to want to get working on your own bouquets and sculptures. You’re in the right zone for creativity and productivity, and the environment of a shared working space is perfectly conducive to creating damn good work!

Stumped for ideas or need a quick hand with something? Rather than feeling terribly alone as you would in a private workspace, you can instead ask one of the many friendly workers in your space if they could lend a hand or an idea. You guys are a team without being a team. No pressure, yet all of the kindness and togetherness.

We’re still on the first liberating benefit, yet look at how it’s spiralled out into several mini-benefits already. Can you imagine how much better it could get?

Grow your client base without trying

Set up your own private office, shop or workspace, and you’ll have to have some kind of signage going on to alert people of your existence. Set up within a pre-existing shared workspace, however, and you’ll get that extra visibility without even trying!

Whether you’re scoping out a space in a shop, warehouse, or well-known cafe, taking your work to a shared space can help grow your client base via the following:

  • New workspace mates become collaborators

    Let’s say that you’re a seamstress and you’ve taken your sewing machine to a shared creative warehouse. Alan is a furniture maker who also works in the warehouse. You decide to create a new line together that includes beautiful fabric cushions detailing Alan’s wooden pieces. 

  • Complimentary trades = new potential clients

    Taking your work to a space that operates in a similar sphere to yours is a great way to meet new clients and get some extra work. If you’re a makeup artist setting up in a hairdressing salon or beautician space, for example, or a naturopath setting up in a yoga studio, you’ll share many client crossovers.

  • High beams ain’t got nothing on this visibility 

    Taking your work to a space that’s already set up and operating means you don’t have to work on creating visibility for your space on your own. Added to that, if you have five individuals sharing the one space, you’ll have 5x more promotional power than if the five of you were promoting your own individual spaces.


It’s the best base for networking & growth

Sometimes it can be very daunting and lonely working alone. The hard times can be brutally hard, and if there’s a lack of inspiration or support, it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated so that you continue to develop and grow your work.

Working out of a shared space is a wonderful way to network and continue growing and advancing in your skill or craft. Being surrounded by people who are all passionately working on their own projects is not only inspiring in itself, but encouraging in helping you to stay focused on the work you love.

There’s no better environment for collaboration, brainstorming, idea generation, and world-changing than a shared creative space. Rather than being satisfied as ‘just another _____’, take your skill to a shared space and allow yourself to grow into a market leader or influencer. Network, meet people, go to events. Get ideas, share ideas. Grow, develop. This is exactly what shared workspaces do best.

You get to enjoy stuff without buying it

Set up your own workspace and you’ll need to grab yourself all the equipment, plus a fridge, coffee mugs, modem, chairs, nice inspirational decor, and whatever else you need. All of these ‘workspace basics’ can add up to be pretty pricey, especially if you’re working in a field that requires lots of big expensive equipment.

Here’s where a shared workspace becomes a haven of financial saving: someone’s already set the space up for you. Just take in what you need and do your thing, while reaping all the benefits of what’s already there. A ceramic artist taking your work to a creative warehouse that already has a kiln and all the tools you need? Sweet! An emerging photographer without all the necessary equipment? Find a studio that’s got what you need and where you can have access to the latest and greatest.

Finally be that grown-up boss you’ve always dreamt of

Alright, you can technically still enjoy this liberating benefit even if you went for your own space instead of a shared space, but still. We stand by our statement that everything you do is better when done with others, and that includes work too.

You’ve taken your craft/talent/skill/love and legitimised it by giving it its own special space. You feel more serious, more dedicated and a lot more professional with your new dedicated working space. We believe it shouldn’t be that hard (or expensive) to get to this point in your career and we want you to get there sooner by connecting you with the perfect, affordable space. 

What now?

These five liberating benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working out of a shared space. As we said before, each of these perks divides into a series of even smaller perks and with so many good things to enjoy, you’ll never know why anyone ever wanted to not work from a shared space.

From hairdressing chairs to practitioner spaces and event pop-ups, we’ve searched all over Sydney (and now Melbourne and Brisbane too!) to find the best shared spaces for you here at Altspc

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