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One thing is becoming abundantly clear in the quest for disruption: traditional 9-5 work models need to be binned. They suck – for most of us, anyway.

There’s not much of a work/life balance, barely any flexibility offered, and the monotonous repetition is enough to make most of us go through some kind of midlife crisis in our 40s. So, naturally, people are trying to change things.

We’ve seen awesome co-working spaces popping up all over the world. Companies like WeWork are making it easier to find co-working spaces and shared desks, and PodShare is introducing a whole new realm of sleeping where your desk is. We’ve seen wonderful communities of digital nomads and entrepreneurs, yet we couldn’t help but notice that all of these awesome new workspaces revolve around a desk…

But what if you don’t work from a desk?


The future of work is: more than just sharing a desk

Hot desks and co-working spaces are a great start, but the future is about more than just sharing a desk. It’s about accommodating people from all industries, so everyone can join in the quest to banish the boring.

If you don’t work from a desk, or you’re going to need a lot more than a desk to help you do your job, then the models of WeWork and PodShare won’t work for you. Why miss out on all the fun, though? The future of work is to offer workspaces for anyone and everyone, and that includes those of you who are artists, bakers, therapists, craftsmen, photographers, carpenters, and hairdressers.

It can be hard to secure a good shared creative space if you don’t already have a good network of mates in the industry. Even if you know someone, who knows someone, chances are it’ll be a difficult journey to find the right place with ease. And that’s where Altspc makes the journey easier: we find shared creative spaces for all kinds of uses because we believe the future of work is more than just sharing a desk.

The future of work is: no commuting

Let’s talk about commuting. In a country where specialised jobs and spaces can be hard to find, or are unevenly distributed throughout the city, a lot of us are travelling a fair distance. On average, Aussies spend 54 minutes travelling to and from work each day. Yeesh!

Imagine a future where commuting won’t be necessary, because shared multi-purpose spaces will be available in your local area. Where no space goes unused, living out its full potential and offering creatives and entrepreneurs the chance to work close to home. You can walk to work, and if you move house, you can discover a whole new set of shared spaces just waiting to be put to use.

More importantly, you can access your workspace when it suits you, and re-earn those hours spent commuting each week. Whether you use those hours to work or watch Netflix is up to you.

The future of work is: no scary commitments

Making the move to lease out your own space can be a scary commitment. You’re finally taking a huge step towards developing your business or your craft, and often that can come with a contract. We reckon the future of work is to empower people to take their work to the next level, without worries or commitment.

Sometimes all you need is the chance to try things out for a bit. Sometimes all you need is a space for a few weeks or months. Sometimes your life is in flux, and you can’t commit to leasing out a space for a defined block of time. That’s why we see the future of work equalling no scary commitments. It’s about facilitating the ebb and flow of work and life, offering a space when you need it, with no demands.


The future of work is: travelling the world

Life shouldn’t be about either work or fun. It should facilitate both, and we’re seeing more and more people take their work to the road, working remotely from around the globe. And why shouldn’t all that digital nomad excitement extend to the creative industry?

Finding shared creative spaces while interstate or abroad is virtually impossible at the moment, but we reckon the future is about providing spaces all over the world, for both locals and travellers to enjoy. Travelling is when we’re most inspired, and if you’re provided with the space and equipment to unleash your creativity on a whim while travelling, you should be allowed to do so.

The future of work is: flexibility

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: the future is flexible. Nobody wants to be tied down or confined to limitations; we want to be free to express ourselves and live in the moment. Companies are already onto this, introducing more flexible working hours and spaces for their employees, but what about the self-employed?

The future of work is about flexibility, both in time and in space. It’s about securing the space you need, only for when you need it (i.e. not paying rent for a space that’s not in use half the day). It’s about having the freedom to scale your space up and down with your needs, working from a big workshop one day and a small office space the next. It’s about allowing your space to grow alongside your business, and having the chance to try out a new space whenever you want.

The future of work is: sharing

Ever looked at a certain space and thought it’d be good for something else? At Altspc we look at a space and see myriad opportunities for use, and for us, the future of work is about sharing. It’s about allowing spaces to host different people, events, crafts, and uses. It’s about transforming a space from one thing to another, depending on the time of day, week, or year. And it’s about bringing together people from different industries and walks of life, allowing them to share a space and collaborate.

At Altspc we’re trying our best to make the future of work get here faster. We want you to access the space you need, when you need it, and we’ve scoured Sydney to find some awesome spaces to work from. From farms to studios, pop-ups to kitchens, we’ve got a bunch of inspiring spaces just waiting to be put to use!

Loving the sound of this… 

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