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The breadth of diverse, dynamic and open-minded individuals that make up our flock at Inspiring Rare Birds is truly incredible. These beautiful, captivating people each bring unique qualities to our community. I’m continually surprised and delighted by them and love to see communities like ours learn and grow together. Shared spaces have a similar collaborative vibe and I love seeing the traits mentoring relationships and shared spaces have in common!

1. Adaptability

Mentoring relationships like those facilitated by Rare Birds are a beautiful fusion of two, often disparate, but complementary minds. The relationship between a mentor and a mentee is a unique and special one, encouraging constant growth, reflection and learning from both parties. The nature of such a relationship means that mentors and mentees increase their adaptability as they learn to communicate, receive and give feedback, honour different perspectives, commitments and backgrounds. Co-working spaces are similarly wonderful and teaching and encouraging adaptability as individuals from diverse organisations come together and share common ground. From little things like regulating the office temperature to appreciating different schedules and working styles co-working spaces, like mentoring relationships, open up our eyes to new ways of being, thinking and doing.


2. Innovative Thinking

One of the major advantages of a mentoring relationship is the access it provides to innovative and dynamic ways of thinking. Cross-industry matches like those at Rare Birds enables individuals insight into a whole new way of thinking. To quote one of our mentees Carrina, “Sometimes it is a little idea, a new way of looking at something that sparks something else”. That’s also what’s great about co-working spaces, rather than solely being surrounded by those who work in your industry and do what you do, co-working spaces offer access to a world of different thinkers and doers.

3. Dynamic Energy

There’s nothing worse than a stale and boring working life. You want someone who pushes you, challenges you and excites you about where you are and where you’re going professionally. A mentor is a great tool to tap into for that dynamic energy. We’re not going to lie the startup life can be really tough so it’s incredibly valuable to have a mentor in your corner supporting and encouraging you in your journey whilst sharing their wisdom and advice. The same goes for space sharing, they are hubs of alternative, buzzing energy. Because these spaces are frequented and shared by different individuals they have a great energy about them. Spaces are meant to be used, not sit dusty and forlorn, because the more we use and share spaces the more energy gets poured into them and back into us!

4. Collaboration

Sorry to tell you, but we don’t know it all (as much as we wish we sometimes did!). That’s a major perk of mentoring. Your mentor won’t give you all the answers but they will be a wonderful guide and collaborator as you grow. You don’t know what you don’t know but mentors are great at pointing out blind spots and opportunities and helping you work through them. Shared spaces are similar in that they facilitate connection and collaboration with individuals from all walks of life. Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice, seek their insight or share your own guidance. Collaboration is the way to continued motivation and achieving aspirations!


5. Networking

Break out of your bubble. Networking can be hard! It takes a decent amount of courage to meet new people, seek out connections and find different organisations, thought leaders and professionals to engage with. Mentors are a phenomenal resource when it comes to networking. Not only will they have had excellent experience networking themselves but in all likelihood have a whole community of deliciously diverse people at their fingertips. Ask them to introduce you, suggest new people to speak with and share their best networking tips. The same goes for shared spaces, just think about it, the common ground that you share is also implicitly home to endless new networking avenues. It’s a shared space so embrace the spirit and collaborate, connect and cultivate new communities!


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