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You’ve finished your course, you’re feeling great, you’re ready to heal the world with all the knowledge you’ve picked up during your health & wellbeing studies, and… now what?

You check Seek, but there aren’t many options out there for practitioners in your particular sphere of health & wellbeing. There are a few jobs, and you apply, but they’re competitive. Even if you did get them, you know that the feeling wouldn’t be as satisfying as running your own business.

You consider setting up your own practice, but you’ve only just ended a period of student life, so the funds to get you started aren’t very impressive. You consider working out of your house, but you want your clients to feel comfortable and most importantly, you want to look professional.


You feel frustrated because you’re on the brink of embarking on a wonderfully rewarding career that allows you to help people create better lives for themselves. You’ve learned so much, and now you’re worried that it may have all been for nothing. After all, how does one transition from health & wellness graduate to full fledging therapist?

We completely understand this frustration. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading, and by the end of this article, you’ll at least have one, if not many, options to take you to the next step of your career.

Remember: The World Is Different Now

An important thing to remember is that the world is changing. You’ve been taught about launching your own business during your course, but that information has become outdated. After all, it’s 2018 and there are watches now that know more about you than your best friend.

The entire world is connected, things are more flexible, executing your own marketing is easier now, and the health & wellbeing industry is transforming in ways that even your learning providers can’t keep up with.

Now, there are options out there that require little investment and risk, and allow you to explore your potential career path without scary financial commitments. The most exciting part is that you’re freer to control how and where you want to operate your business, and it’ll just get more flexible from here (we promise!).

Let’s Talk About Space

Finding a suitable space – and affording it – is one of the scariest steps for a health & wellbeing graduate. You want your business to be semi-established before you begin renting a space, but at the same time, you need a space to get your business going. The old chicken and egg, but with space and clients.

But… is it necessary to operate out of a single space? Does a health & wellbeing therapist really need an entire office to themselves or could you share a space instead? Perhaps another option could be to move your office around to suit your interests and clients? Like we said, it’s 2018, and we have options.

Virtual Spaces

Therapists such as counsellors, hypnotists, and life coaches are finding that conducting sessions online is another way to reach more individuals. There are a number of people in need who unfortunately do not have the means to travel to a therapist, due to distance or family circumstances.

Offering your services online is a fantastic way to launch your career, get experience, and start earning money with little financial investment on your part. All you will need to launch your health & wellbeing career online is a good website, and Skype (or some other form of communication).

Browse for Facebook groups in your local area where you can market your business. In fact, go beyond your local area – you’re online! A virtual office allows you to market yourself to anyone and everyone, from here to the other side of the globe, so sourcing clients has limitless potential. 

Flexible-use Spaces

Even if you have the money to rent your own space, there isn’t any use in sitting there all day if you do not have enough clients yet. Not only is it disheartening to work from an office that’s empty, but knowing that it’s costing you money, isn’t a pleasant thought.

Fear not wellness warriors, at Altspc we find unused or available space within existing business premises and make it simple and easy for you to lease your own therapist space per hour, day, week and month. So when you do get your first client, you can book the perfect space for the exact time you need it, knowing that it’s furnished and ready to go. You’ll look professional and be on your way to growing your business in no time. Not to mention, that you’ll be able to potentially offer your online clients, the opportunity to meet in person. A face-to-face every now and again, is a great way to change it up and increase the connection between you and your clients. 

The point is, booking space will go hand-in-hand with the expansion of your business. What a perfect way to grow your practice sustainably and cost-effectively! 

A Permanent Space To Call Home

Up until now, when people settle into an office, they settle into that one office. Whether it’s in the CBD or the Western Suburbs, an office has stayed fixed in the same location. An acupuncturist in Bondi will reel in clients from Bondi, and one in Liverpool will attract those from within the local area.

That’s a limiting and a scary thought. You’ll need to pick the right space, in the right area, that’s teeming with clients who’ll be seeking your services. When you do settle on a space and if you struggle to source local clients, you’ll be kicking yourself for choosing the wrong spot. What an unnecessary burden to place on the people who are healing the world! That’s why this burden is shattering.

Therapist spaces can move to suit your clientele. When you’re hiring a space with Altspc, whether it’s for an hour or a day, you can choose a different space each time. If you’ve picked up a new client in Bondi, it’s as easy as heading to the Altspc platform and booking the perfect space in that location. If your next client lives across the city, then you’re free to find an entirely new space from which to work from for that session. 

How does it feel, that you’re no longer limited to the confines of one space and its local area? You’re free to choose from spaces all over the city, giving you access to more and more clients.


Insurance, Organisation & All That Jazz

So we’ve sorted out the burdens of finding the right space, sourcing clients and having the money to launch your dream health & wellbeing business. If we’ve done an alright job of explaining it all, you should already be feeling so much better. But there’ll still be lingering questions on your mind. What about my insurance coverage? Flexible-use space sounds perfect but, how can you organise the payments for it all?

Well, this is our favourite bit, because every member of the Altspc team has been in your shoes and therefore, we’ve added some amazing perks to Altspc for FREE. If you reckon the freedom and flexibility of hiring the space where you want and when you want it already sounds good, then listen up. We also offer all Altspc users:

  • Free $60+ million insurance coverWowee, that’s a lot of insurance! This extends to both yourself and the space you book, totalling $120+ million in insurance coverage. Click here to read a more detailed breakdown of the insurance we offer.
  • 100% money back guarantee – Maybe the space you booked isn’t up to scratch compared to the listing, or turned out to be in use when you went in. These things happen rarely, but it’s important to be prepared for the worst. At Altspc we offer 100% money back guarantee for spaces that have been misrepresented or double booked.
  • Personalised customer service – We’re here to help, whenever you need it. We love to support and nurture budding and growing businesses, and that includes you.
  • Automatic invoicing for booked spacesForget about having to keep track of it all yourself, we automatically create an invoice for every space you book.
  • Tonnes of free goodies via our partnerships with other awesome businesses Does this need an explanation?? Some of our pals include Amazon Web Services, General Assembly, PayPal and many more.


Be Part Of Something Bigger Than Just You (Or Your Industry)

Your career as a health & wellbeing practitioner is important. Artists are important. Musicians are important. Chefs are important. At Altspc, we relish the opportunity to bring these different industries together under one umbrella, where we can all grow and learn from one another.

It’s all in the name of supporting innovation by supporting your business on the way to success!

Loving the sound of this? 

Altspc is an online space sharing platform that lives to help sole traders, micro & small businesses kick-arse and grow sustainably. Discover the lease-free way to rent out or book unused space by the hour, day, week or month.

If you’re looking for affordable and flexible business space, try our FREE Space Finder Service – we’ll send you a customised shortlist of spaces, zero obligations!

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