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[Part 2 of 3] In this blog series, we will help you avoid the same mistakes that so many salons make, over and over again.

How? By giving you the tools and instructions to do what most businesses pay thousands of dollars for – an individualised, in-depth review of YOUR salon. This will allow you to spot problems and begin solving the most important ones straight away. If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, we suggest you go ahead and read this, before continuing on below.


Where to begin

Following on from “Only 20% Of Salons Succeed, Are You One Of Them?” blog piece, we are now going to go through what you need to know and how to start your own salon review. Why? Because it will help you avoid many of the pitfalls of running your own salon, but even more importantly it will allow you to take your salon to the next level!

Sounds great, but where do you start???

It’s important that you don’t just look at purely your revenue at this stage. You must gain an understanding of the bigger picture by looking at the foundations for future earnings.

The broader questions you are looking to answer here include:

  • Where is my money really being spent?
  • How much is it really costing me to give someone a service? For example, how much does a haircut, or a colour, or a treatment such as a facial really cost me?
  • Am I really charging enough for my services?


Your Salon Review Calculator

Now it’s time to get REAL with your numbers. Honesty is critical here!

We’ve created a calculator that is going to show you exactly where your business is financially today and what you are potentially missing out on in sales. All you have to do is enter your figures and our system will do the work for you!

To make this an effortless process, make sure you have these items ready to go:

  • Staff salary costs + super (per month). for both Full & Part Time staff
  • Operational costs (per month). This includes rent, telephone/internet, utility bills, insurance, subscriptions, general business expenses, credit card and loan interest etc
  • Sales and marketing costs (per month). This includes marketing and advertising (both online and offline), the cost for retail products and products needed for your services
  • Any other costs that do not fall into the above categories (per month)
  • Any setup costs. Your salon or cost of purchasing the salon (if within the last 2 years)
  • One-off yearly expenses. This could be yearly marketing, council registration fees, business licence fees, plus any other costs yearly costs that aren’t listed above.

Once you have these items ready to go, you will need to sign up for a free trial of our Salon Success program. This is where you will access the calculator. Don’t worry – it takes 2 minutes to get to AND once you’ve finished you will get a really valuable readout like this:



Head here to sign up for the Free Trial of the Salon Success Program to access the free calculator now.

Finally, head to Part 3 in the series to learn what these results should lead you to do next!

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