Only 20% Of Salons Succeed: Review Your Salon

*5 min read [Part 3 of 3] In this blog series, we will help you avoid the same mistakes that so many salons make, over and over again. How? By giving you the tools and instructions to do what most businesses pay thousands of dollars for - an individualised, in-depth review of YOUR salon. This will allow you to spot problems and begin solving the most important ones straight away. This article is Part 3, so if you are interested in making sure you are in the top 20% of salons, head to "Only 20% Of Salons Succeed: Are You One Of Them?", where we began this blog series.   Owning your numbers Following on from our second article "Only 20% Of Salons Succeed: Calculate Your Chances", we are now going to go through how you can interpret and use the data from the salon review…

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